Coming out on September the 11th

Well, the time has come to commit finger to iPad in the delusion that I have anything remotely interesting to say about myself and my life. I frequently read the excellent blogs of others such as ‘Diary of a Benefit Scrounger’ and ‘Mental Political Parent’ so thought I would give it ago.

The date is important to me in part of my recovery too. I came to the conclusion during 9/11 that I was in love with the man I was later to marry and that I was capable and deserving of love in return. I was watching events unfold on television and, as one of Thatcher’s children and a someone who thinks the announcer in the Trafford Centre is going to say ‘Mine will be the last voice you will ever hear. Don’t be alarmed’, I needed to speak to those who mattered in my life. It was then that I realised that this man who I had met through an Internet dating site, had been on two dates with but I wasn’t sure about, was one of these people.

Whilst the horrors of 9/11 should never be forgotten, we shouldn’t forget that on that day people got married, children were born and most of us were reminded to count our blessings.