About Me

This is the hard one and will be in permanently draft form ….

I am female, in the survey age group 39-44 and am yet uninterested in feminine hygiene product adverts advising me I can laugh without fear (although my better half seems obsessed by them).

I work in the public sector and for those who know the political matrix, I am in the bottom left quadrant, somewhere between Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama.

Key characters in my life are:
my two dogs, D1 and D2 and my cat, C
hubby who is also my prime carer
real best friend (currently pregnant), RBF
real second best friend, RSBF

The observant of you will have noticed my hubby’s status as both hubby and carer. This is because, amongst other things, I have manic depression (or bi-polar as is it now called).

The main things I will blog about will relate to disability and human rights, my mental health experience, things I want to share with people and my general loves and hates.

Hope you like it!


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